I purchased the Turbo Cooker from the TV ad when it first came out. I recieved 1 extra free Turbo Cooker ( so now I have 2 that are useless ), I also recieved 4 Recipe Cards, and NO Instructions.

When I called to complain, and asked about the frozen meats, and how to cook them, they had NO Idea! After WASTING Food, and a lot of time I finally took The Turbo Cooker outside, and SMASHED it with an 8 pound Sledge Hammer. ( Did that ever feel good! ) I still have the second Turbo Cooker in the unopend box, IF ANYONE WANTS TO BUY IT FOR $ 20, plus shipping, I would sell it in a Heart Beat, what a Scam!

I am probably going to Grow a plant in it, to bad there aren't any LEMON PLANTS!

My advice is DON'T BUY ONE... EVER !!!!!!

No Turbo George

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Dear Chef Randall,

I just started using my second turbo skillet. I wore the first one out using it daily.

My problem is that as I was lifting this new one, the handle broke in the middle. Unfortunately the design has changed and I can't just exchange the old handle for the broken one. I have searched but cannot find a contact number to get information on a replacement handle. I am using the pan with it's little broken but obviously this is tricky and probably not the safest.

I would so appreciate a contact number or any directions you can give me purchase a replacement handle.

Thank you, Pat

Detroit, Michigan, United States #962011

I have had mine for 12yrs... Now looking for a new one , and really like the idea of the 8 qt Dutch oven, can't wait to receive mine

Brooklyn, New York, United States #901922

I love mine!....greatest gadget ever!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #760916

I just learned of this web site, I am the inventor of the Turbo Cooker and I wish to add my 2 cents so to speak.

First these were sold by a licensee not us directly but the 2 for 1 offer was VERY clear, you got a 2nd Turbo cooker which is the base and cover the rack and cake pan were bonus items the idea behind the 2 for 1 was for the user to have 2 units that they could cook in, not one for a gift - that was called the friends and family package so before someone complains they should clearly review what the offer was that they bought.

2nd we have 1.8 million users, go read the reviews of people who actually use the product it works - if someone was missing the cards they could have sent me a email I would have happily sent them recipes.

As far as cooking with frozen meats it is clearly explained in the guide.

Chef Randall

to Chef Randall Bridgwater, Somerset, United Kingdom #1114976

Yeah,,we have been using turbo cooker in the philippines,,,the taste of chicken and pork makes a big difference compare when we cook it in the oven,,,its very juicy and tasty and the fats really melt down,,so there is less fat left on the meat. Im planning to get one here in UK.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada #618113

I also got one when they first came out and love it to this day all it is,is a big steamer put frozen food it on high with 1/2cup water 20min an

Nd boom cooked even use it like a normal fry pan just use your brain when using it dot be scared to experiment I cook everything in it I don't use the cooking recipe they gave I've had it for over 10years now so awesome


You must be a real DUFUS if you cant figure out how to use the TurboCooker - It works great!


The TurboCooker is awesome - We have had ours for 8 years and it still works!!

We use it all the time. The pan itself is a little large but it does an awesome job


For the life of me I can't understand how anyone could part with a Turbo cooker. I consider it one of my must haves.

I buy them at thrift shops to share and have a spare.

If they seem alittle large or cumbersome to have around believe me their worth the space they take up. Look at other reviews on the internet too.


I will buy it off of you for the $20 plus shipping.

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